Hypnosis for Panic Attacks – Does it Work?

If you are suffering from panic attacks, then you may be willing to consider every avenue when it comes to getting treatment. One option you might have come across is hypnosis. But can hypnosis really work? How Hypnosis for Panic… Continue Reading

Alcohol and Panic Attacks – Understanding the Connection

Many people will use alcohol as a way to unwind and to relax – even self-medicate. Alcohol slows down our thinking, eases our stress and helps us to forget the rigors of the day. It is after all a depressant,… Continue Reading

What Is the Diathesis Stress Model?

The diathesis stress model is a psychological model that attempts to explain why we develop mental disorders. The underlying assumption is that all mental disorders are born out of an interaction between genetics and life experience. The Fundamentals In order… Continue Reading

What Is Panic Attack Disorder?

Panic attack disorder, also known as anxiety attack disorder, is characterized by occasional/frequent onsets of sudden and severe anxiety accompanied by bodily symptoms such as shortness of breath, chest pain, feelings of ‘unreality’, dizziness and racing heart rate. The precise… Continue Reading

Some Shocking Stress Statistics – Just How Bad Is It?

Stress, anxiety and depression are serious conditions that lead to a number of symptoms and complications. It’s unfortunately all-too-common for sufferers to brush stress symptoms under the carpet and to try and ignore them but failing to realize the potential… Continue Reading