Panic Attacks in Children – An Introduction for Parents

Watching a child that you care about suffer from a panic attack can be a highly distressing and upsetting experience. Panic attacks are essentially caused by the same processes as the ‘fight or flight’ response but the symptoms are generally… Continue Reading

What Is the Diathesis Stress Model?

The diathesis stress model is a psychological model that attempts to explain why we develop mental disorders. The underlying assumption is that all mental disorders are born out of an interaction between genetics and life experience. The Fundamentals In order… Continue Reading

Models of Stress – Why Science Still Falls Short of an Adequate Definition of Stress

One of the biggest challenges in psychology is often the process of trying to define and understand subjects and concepts that are somewhat abstract. Perhaps the biggest example of this is personality. Personality is a very broad and vague term… Continue Reading

Panic Attack Treatment Options

Panic attacks are episodes of extreme fear, stress and/or anxiety that will occur alongside a number of physical symptoms such as trembling, nausea, dizziness, hyperventilation and chest pain. Essentially, they are caused by a mismanagement of the ‘fight or flight‘… Continue Reading