Facts About Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are a common ailment and affect many people, often making daily life difficult and causing a large amount of distress. The best weapon against panic attacks though is knowledge; the most effective way to overcome an anxiety attack… Continue Reading

How to Stop Panic Attacks With CBT

Panic attacks are highly stressful events that can be best describes as extreme stress attacks. Here the body goes into a severe ‘fight or flight‘ response but mismanagement of those symptoms then exacerbates the situation to the point where dizziness,… Continue Reading

Models of Stress – Why Science Still Falls Short of an Adequate Definition of Stress

One of the biggest challenges in psychology is often the process of trying to define and understand subjects and concepts that are somewhat abstract. Perhaps the biggest example of this is personality. Personality is a very broad and vague term… Continue Reading

Can You Die From a Panic Attack?

The symptoms of a panic attack can often feel rather extreme and intense and many people find them painful and frightening. This leads many to ask the question: can you die from a panic attack? Unfortunately, the fact that people… Continue Reading