Physical Stress Symptoms

If the following symptoms occur on a regular basis then they could be stress related and it is advisable to seek medical advice:

  1. Suffer from frequent headaches or migraines.
  2. Often feel fatigued and worn out.
  3. Fitful sleep.
  4. If awakened you find it difficult to fall asleep again.
  5. Lump in throat/difficult in swallowing.
  6. Experience digestive upsets.
  7. Recurrent or persistent stomach ulcers.
  8. Exercise infrequently.
  9. Grind your teeth.
  10. Often engage in finger drumming.
  11. Increased consumption of alcohol or tobacco.
  12. Occasionally suffer from pounding heart.
  13. Exhibit signs of restlessness.
  14. Frequently catch colds or flu.
  15. Drink more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day.
  16. High blood pressure.
  17. Often aware of body tension.
  18. Accident prone.
  19. You are overweight.
  20. Smoke more than 10 cigarettes a day.
  21. Suffer from chest pains.
  22. Regularly experience tension in back of neck or head.
  23. Experience episodes of diarrhoea.
  24. Have twitching in face or limbs.
  25. Suffer from dizziness, light headedness or faintness.
  26. Unexplained rashes or itches of the skin.
  27. Often take sleeping pills or tranquilisers.
  28. Irritation or wetness around back passage (colitis).
  29. Excessive perspiration especially of hands.
  30. Take mind-altering drugs.

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11 Responses to Physical Stress Symptoms

  1. Jill R. says:

    What a great list!

    One of the other important things is to be aware of any changes in your body or in your habits. You are the only one who knows your body well enough to detect if something is “different” or “not quite right”.

    For more info on symptoms of stress, visit:

    Best Wishes,
    Jill R.

  2. wow, what a sobering list! I can identify with more than 1 or 2 of those you listed. Thanks for giving me a slap in the face with these though. You don’t realize how stressed out you can get on a day to day basis.

  3. Oh my I went to the dentist a couple of months ago and he said I grind my teeth at night. I couldn’t understand why. Now I know!
    Great list.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    thats a great list it really helped with my assignment on stress :)

  6. Stressless06 says:

    Nobody would want to feel all these things. Once goal should know how to deal with their own stress and be ready always.

  7. Stressless06 says:

    In addition to this discussion, I would say that acceptance is necessary for you to begin your first step to win over your stress.

  8. Gretha Oost says:

    Over a period of 3 weeks, I woke up suddenly from sleep on two seperate occassions in a state of fear as I could not breathe. I had to shake my head to take an inhalation. Less than a week later, I could not go to sleep as I could not get deep enough breathing happening and had to swallow between breathing in and breathing out every time, which was very difficult. I tried to calm myself down over a 2 hour period but it got worse and I ended up in the kitchen bending my head down to my stomach to try to breath in. I ended up calling a hospital and ambulance which picked me up for the emergency ward. Can I continue to tell you what happened in a further email?

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