Welcome to Stress Management Tips a blog created to assist stressed and overworked people to restore John Townsendbalance and joy to their lives.

My name is John Townsend and I have been working as a Stress Management Consultant since 1986. My seminar, Get Tough With Stress, has been presented to thousands of people throughout the world and shows people how to toughen up to stress and to transform stressful experiences into valuable learning experiences.

My clients include many of Australia’s largest companies plus Australian Government Departments and agencies. One of my greatest personal joys was to present my Get Tough With Stress programme to staff of the Australian Parliament.

Over the past 15 years I have been presenting to large numbers of Chief Executive Officers through an organisation called The Executive Connection (TEC). I have been privileged to receive the highest honours bestowed on speakers by TEC, an organisation dedicated to increasing the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of Chief Executives.

When I was first approached by Bill Burdin of the Internet School of Business Blogging to convert my website into a blog I could immediately see the potential of moving to Web 2.0. The blog structure now enables me to have a conversation with my readers rather than a monologue. This is a powerful transformation.